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The University of Lincoln’s Commitment to Equality and Diversity

Our Values

Equality and Diversity forms an integral part of our core values.   We recognise our shared responsibility and have a continued commitment to support and sustain an academic and workplace culture where individual difference is recognised and valued in everything that we do.  We appreciate that as the UK’s population, and thus the community in which we operate, grows in its diversity that we need to encourage and support a broader appreciation of diversity amongst our students and staff. 


This statement establishes the University’s commitment to Equality and Diversity. Our commitment is to foster a culture and environment where individual difference is appreciated and respected, ensuring equitable and fair treatment for all. Therefore fair treatment is a basic principle with which we treat our staff, students, visitors, associates and our suppliers.

Diversity is critical for us to be responsive to change. Innovative thinking is needed to deal with the ever-increasing pace of change. Our ability to contribute to the success of the University through creativity and improvement will be greatly enhanced by the diversity of peoples’ experiences and perspectives.  Our ability to attract and retain the highest calibre staff and students from the widest pool of people whom we serve is essential to developing a leadership position.


Staff, Students, Associates, Visitors


Respect for every individual
We will create an environment that is free from unfair and unlawful discrimination and harassment based on people’s different characteristics. The University will not accept practices that unlawfully discriminate on the basis of a person’s age, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, or nationality, family status, religious belief or affiliation, gender, transgender, sexual orientation or disability.

The University, as part of its commitment to Equality and Diversity will:  

  • Continue to develop our Equality schemes and action plans, ensuring they form an integral part of our strategic and operational planning;
  • All members of the University’s community are expected to take personal responsibility for upholding this commitment through their behaviour.  All members of the University’s community are expected to promote the principles and values of Equality and Diversity in all aspects of their working environment and academic activities.
  • Build the principles of fair and objective practice into the way we manage our business, via our policies and practices e.g. staff and student employment and study cycles. The impact of such policies and practices will be continuously reviewed, and where improvement is identified, action will be taken;
  • Foster a culture and environment where harassment, bullying, or any other intimidating or offensive behaviour, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated;
  • Communicate our commitment to promote Equality and Diversity; including providing training opportunities;
  • Measure and evaluate the performance and effectiveness of the University’s diversity action plans and monitor staff and student profiles;
  • Establish and maintain processes to gain feedback and opinion from staff, students and other stakeholders regarding their experience of the University.  This information will be used to inform and develop our Equality plans;
  • Take steps to make use of the expertise and skills available from across all sections of the community;
  • Reflect diversity in our marketing materials and communication literature;
  • Not tolerate any breach of our Equality and Diversity statement; any such breach will be treated seriously. 

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